my own sunshine

2 September

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[february 18th, 2006]

i am danielle, a 22-year-old western australian girl. i am a slightly-left-of-normal, bubbly and easy-going girl, and am probably best described as a girl-next-door. i am in love with the world and believe that everything will be ok in the end.

i am a primary school teacher of a year 6 class (10/11 year olds). i have just completed my bachelor of education (primary) after four years of uni. i am a graduate teacher, and everything is all so new for me at the moment. i never imagined i would end up as a teacher, but i love it, and no day is ever the same. i believe with all my heart in W.B. Yeat's philosophy of teaching: teaching is not the filling of a pail, but the light of a fire.

i am a horse-lover, and sometime equestrian. i was sadly been out of the saddle for most of 2005 (not by choice!) and can't wait to get back into it again. i am not 100% sure what i want to as far as that goes; i had thought i would just relax and do some pleasure riding, but i have a competitive streak and an adoration for showjumping which tends to infect my dreams.

i have a gorgeous boyfriend of around six months and ever since we started dating i have referred to him as 'the boy creature' in my journal and that is not likely to change any time soon. he spoils me rotten and i adore him. i live at his house with him.

i have a gryffindor's nature; i am idealistic, passionate and quick-tempered. i am also sweet and open-minded, and i'll try almost anything once. i am loyal, but i also *have* to do things my own way. i am a hopeless romantic.

think big thoughts
but relish little pleasures

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