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my own sunshine
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8th-Apr-2006 09:04 am(no subject)
kiss // art by kurt hasley
I want to get my hair straightened. But the hairdresser tells me I can't, because I already have highlights in it, and the two chemicals will react? Grr. I might try a new hairdressers. I love the girl I see, but she adores my hair as it is. Which is fine, but I'm almost 23, and I've had exactly the same hairstyle since...well, forever. Part down the middle, long, curly. Natural layers and highlights when I was younger, slightly more 'enhanced' as I got older, but that is it. Le sigh. I want something that looks nicer.
dance with me // by me

here comes the sun in the form of a girl
she’s the finest, sweetest thing in the world
oh, take you to heaven tonight
i feel the horses coming galloping
in the summer’s rain
take you to heaven tonight
oh, because i love you
for what you are

I start teaching tomorrow. I am so very excited. A little bit nervous, but I just can't wait to start. I have my very own classroom, it's so wonderful. It has new carpet and a new airconditioner and bookshelves! Lots of bookshelves! I am easily amused. My class is gorgeous, everyone keeps saying what good kids they are. They are very young looking for grade 6 (10/11 year olds), but seem like wonderful kids. I am employed until March 10 next year, and may have 2007 there unless a permanent teacher applies for the school. It takes 40 minutes to get there from the house, but it's worth it for such a great school.

Anyway, I have lots still to organise for tomorrow, so I can't stay on LJ, but I just had to share my happiness somewhere before I bubbled over entirely. I have so much to catch up on with you all and I promise I will get there soon, hopefully on the weekend.

Until then, all the best, and wish me luck!
1st-Nov-2005 05:44 pm(no subject)
kiss // art by kurt hasley
Come on Dani...this is your last assignment of uni EVER. You don't even have 1000 words left to write, and the rest is easy, first-person type of stuff. Stop procrastinating and just do the damn thing!

Must get hair 'permanantly' straightened. So many people have complimented me on havign it straight - even girls who have never spoken to me in 4 years of uni came up to tell me how nice I looked on Monday night. I love it, it's so girly and I can even flick it! (oh so grown up, I know!)

The Melbourne Cup was run today, it was a fantastic race to watch. I had a few bets on, but of course none of my horses placed - that's normal though! But I was so glad to see Makybe Diva win it - she has to be the best thoroughbred mare in the world after today. And she is stunning! Her babies are going to be amazing.

Other things? The Boy Creature's house has benchtops! Oh my! It will be finished before Christmas. I will be moving in with him before Christmas. Wow. Kinda scared, kinda looking forward to it. Ok, really looking foward to it, but nevermind. I'm looking foward to furniture shopping and having my very own kitchen to play around in, and setting up a Christmas tree and lazing around with good books because it will be summer, and it will be hot, and we won't have air-conditioning.

Speaking of good books, I have just finished two: The Ivy Chronicles and The Bollywood Beauty. Both are light reading, but very enjoyable. Have an increased obsession with all things Indian again.

I'm taking The Boy Creature horseriding on Friday, omg, yay! We have to drive a fair way to get to the place, but everyone I have talked to says it's nice, and honestly, me + horses = happy. Have been out of the saddle for way too long. After lots of thinking, I am looking at buying a Standardbred for next year now. They're nice horses, they are fairly low maintinence, they are generally pretty laid back and they make nice pleasure horses, which is exactly what I am looking for. I'd rather find one that had been taught how to trot and canter though, I'm not sure I'm up to re-training one myself.

Mexican for dinner, yum!
1st-Nov-2005 11:38 am(no subject)
kiss // art by kurt hasley
Most amazing mare ever.

Diva seals Cup legend
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